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So... You want to become a Voiceover?
Another year has rolled in and despite it being a different time from what we're used to, certain things remain the same. Things like; people making decisions to try something new. So, it's this time of year that I get approached by people who say: "I want to become a voiceover". The first question I always ask is, "why do you want to do To this I get a variety of answers: "I think it'll be fun... I need some extra money... I've always wanted to... Why not? It's just talking isn't And then I ask another question, "what do you think getting started will entail?" And I'm often met with a blank stare. To which I say, "it's going to entail a lot more than you think!". It will entail time, effort, training, and investment. When I say time, we could be talking...
What can a voiceover do for you?
What Have You Done For Me Lately? That was the name of a Janet Jackson song from the 80s, long before many of us were even born. I heard the song the other day and it got me thinking, could a voice over ever be asked that question? Mostly likely not as people that use voiceovers recognise the value we can add. But what if you’ve never used a voiceover to help with your business or project? How could it benefit you? Many of us love the sound of our own voice, but just not always when we hear it played back to us. This is the reason why many a business owner has told me they hate having to record their own phone messages or voicemail. And when I ask why the answer is often the same: “Because I'm not very good at it”..., or “It's hard to say the right words”…, but most...